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 Papaimachuca - Upgrades

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PostSubject: Papaimachuca - Upgrades   Thu May 15, 2008 3:24 pm

list the 3 biggest upgrades for you in tk/ssc /za DO NOT POST BADGES GEAR ITEMS farm your heroics
1. Dragonspine Trophy (grulls) or Warp-spring Coil (Void Reaver)
2. Shoulderpads of the stranger (hydros)
3. Ring of Lethality (hydros) or Signet of Primal Wrath (za's third timed event)

then post what they are replacing
1. Bloodlust Brooch
2. Shoulderpads of Dancing Blades
3. Ring of a Thousand Marks
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Papaimachuca - Upgrades
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